Isaac Pearson

 Mansion & Park

Isaac Pearson House

Built 1773

Emeline Ave and Hobson Ave, Hamilton Township, NJ 08610

Marker Inscription   

Elected Nottingham Tax Collector in 1763, Isaac Pearson later served as a justice of the peace, freeholder, township clerk and delegate to the NJ Provincial Congress. Two days later after the Battle of Trenton, in 1776, Isaac Pearson was murdered. Some accounts say he was murdered during a robbery; others say he was murdered for not fully supporting the cause of independence... 

Land Acknowledgement

"The land upon which the Isaac Pearson mansion house, farm, archaeological site, and Park are located is part of the traditional territory of the Lenni-Lenape people.

We would like to acknowledge that an estimated 10 million Native Americans lived in North America for thousands of years before the arrival of European colonizers. The Lenni-Lenape people were the first inhabitants of a vast homeland which extended through eastern Pennsylvania and parts of New York, New Jersey, Maryland, and Delaware. Thousands of Lenape people lived in harmony with one another upon this territory for thousands of years. 

During the colonial period and early federal era, many were removed west and north, but some also remain among the continuing historical tribal communities of the region. 

Isaac Pearson's parents, Robert and Mary, immigrated from England to this land in the late 1600's. 

 We acknowledge the Lenni-Lenape as the original people of this land and their continuing relationship with their territory. We pay respect to the Lenape, past present and future, and to their continuing cultural heritage and connection with this homeland."

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